Jun 4 2018

Upcoming site changes and new content!

I know quite a few people who find their way to this post will likely groan and say to themselves “I’ll believe it when I see it” – but it is my hope that as I am making the details public that it will help motivate me to follow through with these projects with alacrity.  In the near future, I plan to set up some more prominent social media and video streaming/watching/profile links to help people more easily find my YouTube and Twitch channels as well as hopefully maybe be a bit more interactive with questions and answers on twitter.

I’ve thought on and off about creating a forum here, but honestly given my social media presence spread around elsewhere, I don’t really think that adding a forum here would really be of any use to most of the people who view my content here (please feel free to hit me up on Twitter if you feel differently, I value your opinions) and I would also be somewhat worried about form software bugs drastically reducing the security of my site (which has happened to me a few times in the past.)

Anyhow, I’ve been doing a little bit more casual game streaming over on Twitch, so please do join me there and don’t forget to press that follow button in the upper right to get notified when I go live.  Also, when I do play games over there, I typically send out a tweet a little bit in advance (just before I start getting set up), and I’m going to try to put together a bit more YouTube content in the next few weeks as well.  I’ve got quite a few things to say about a whole slew of nerd things (notably the state of virtual reality, augmented reality, phone and tablet design options, the future of user interfaces and a whole lot more), so please head on over there, get subscribed, hit that bell icon to get notified when I post new content, and I’m sure anything that I think is really snazzy will end up posted back over here eventually as well.

Have a suggestion as to how I can make this site (or any of my videos or other interactions) better?  Have any questions for me or the community?  Please don’t hesitate to hit me up on Twitter and I’m happy to talk!

Apr 13 2018

iMuto Taurus X5TC USB Battery Unboxing

Feb 24 2018

Unboxing cheap (under $20!) PLA filament plastic material for 3d printing from Amazon!

Dec 14 2017

Net Neutrality

So this is how the world ends. Not with a bang but with a <insufficient bandwidth> Please order our $group_of_services bundle if you wish to continue…

Nov 14 2017

Firefox Quantum (57) has been released today!

As you may have seen in my previous article, Firefox just got MASSIVE speed and memory management improvements and is now out of beta! I’ve been using the beta version for the past month or so and have been blown away with it’s performance, making it my current everyday browser.

Further, as an amendment to my previous article about LastPass support in firefox 57, that’s now out of beta too and can be found on the LastPass Mozilla Add-ons page. Although, it IS worth noting that the current version of the LastPass plugin for firefox disables the “copy password” function due to an issue with the new webextension API. LastPass says they are working on bringing it back for the next version.  A good password manager like LastPass is a MUST for online security in this day and age of mass automated password attacks and identity fraud.