Dec 11 2016

Asus Geforce GTX 1070 Strix Unboxing

Dec 9 2016

Changing luck

Thankfully I have much better things to report this time around. My workstation is now back online. It’s got a new motherboard that I bought from a friend, and a power supply that I’m borrowing for a while until I can find a new one that’ll work for me, and I even put the money I’d been saving for the complete replacement of my rig into a new GPU which is pretty epic. I’ll have a bit more on that later.

As far as AV stuff, I’ve begun doing some video testing again, gearing up for a couple of videos to be released soon. The quality isn’t nearly as high as I’d like it to be, but I figure the time has come where I should have at least SOMETHING to start building a presence, and I can give production value some spit and polish as I push through the creative process.

I’ve also been putting off a major rebuild of this web server for quite some time as well, and I’m hoping to get that at least started over this coming weekend. At least there is progress moving forward with projects again! Woot!

Oct 12 2016

A Run of Bad Luck

As readers here know, I’ve been working on getting a new video project off the ground, however, it’s been several months and there still isn’t anything online but some aged test footage.  One of the biggest reasons for this is that as I was approaching the end of my testing and readying myself to sit down and shoot some real content, the power supply on my workstation decided to loudly release it’s magic smoke, taking the motherboard with it in it’s wake.  Fast forward a few weeks later, and my laptop, which would have made a great secondary choice for editing and posting videos online (Dell XPS l521x – quad core i7, 16gb ram, geforce gtx 640m – a reasonably substantial machine to these ends), stopped recognizing USB devices plugged into it when I was using it to charge a USB battery and then a few moments later, the battery began smoking…  Thankfully I was nearby and was able to unplug the battery’s power which quelled any possible fire-related problems, but from that moment on, nothing plugged into USB is recognized.

So here I am, limping by with a laptop with no USB and a bluetooth mouse for gaming, a workstation with lots of hard drives, no power supply and no motherboard, and what was intended for my kids’ homework that is now my primary computer, a core2duo 3ghz based HP Slimline business desktop with 4gb ram, and a 250gb hard drive plugged into 5 of 6 desktop monitors.  Not exactly the best machine to do any kind of video editing on.

I’m slowly saving toward the purchase of components to rebuild my desktop, I think I may end up getting what I can for my laptop on ebay (clearly making note of what happened of course), and possibly, very slowly, shooting, and transferring video from my camera’s memory card onto the craptacular desktop and then transfer the material to the laptop for editing and uploading, but it will still take some doing.

In other news, I just signed up for Amazon’s affiliate link system, so I’m hoping that my readers / watchers might be interested enough to pick up some of the stuff i’ll be talking about in my articles,  videos, and social media posts and perhaps, in some minor way, defray the investment cost of rebuilding my setup.

know it’s been a long time, but I’m still committed to writing about awesome nerd things that catch my eye, and soon, there will be video!

Oct 11 2016

On the new Google Pixel and Pixel XL #Rant

How card can it be!? build me a phone with stock android, 6″ 1440p amoled display, stereo front-facing speakers, decent camera and fingerprint reader on the back, qi charging, 3400mah or so battery, microusb with quickcharge (no need for a new standard), bluetooth, ac wifi, 4-8 core 2.2+ghz cpu, 4+gb ram, a decent DAC, waterproof, and overall good reception, then support it by giving factory and OTA updates for at least 2-4 years as soon as the OS is released (not 6 months later)… and make it OPEN so you can easily modify the system software… the nexus 6 and 6p did most of this right, and now google is abandoning that recipe altogether for something MORE expensive and LESS functional!?

May 3 2016

Where is the next operating system revolution? Where are my options?

The market is WIDE OPEN for a really good alternative operating system out of left field. Perhaps something that pushes a database driven file system interface ala beos? perhaps something that throws away and revolutionizes the entire desktop paradigm? perhaps something that unifies the entire computing landscape from IOT devices to smart watches to mobile to desktop… I feel like operating system software companies are seriously missing out on alternate OS’s… we used to have choices like amiga OS, IRIX, NeXtstep, BeOS, etc. now days you have your choice of BSD, quite a few flavors of linux (which both do pretty much the same stuff similarly), windows, and os x. notably, they are all great at some things, are all pretty mature at this point, and are good options for doing different things, but they all fail at unification (except for maybe *n?x but there is so much fragmentation that it’s silly and very little of it is good for gui use except for android which has it’s own strengths and weaknesses that generally make it impractical for desktop use)… we’re so close to consumer VR, which is just a few steps away from the revolution that will be augmented reality and the methods we use for interacting, designing, and communicating with computers are woefully inadequate. Where are all the alternatives?

The future is going to look like something a cross between between Star Trek TNG, Iron Man, and Minority Report.  UI artists are slowly getting there, but our most popular operating system software has it’s roots in 30, 40, and 50, and in some cases 60 year old code, paradigms, protocols, and idioms for when computers were nowhere near what they are today.  I think it’s time that a few companies start from scratch, instead of trying to re-use ideas that may have been prudent when the smallest computers were multiple beige refrigerator sized boxes that required their own building and had a market of only a few thousand.  so come on Google, Oracle, Elon Musk, and you awesome computer science grad students working on your laptop in a smaller-than-a-prison-cell-sized dorm room or in your parent’s basement or garage…  I’m waiting for the future.  We’ll soon have self-driving cars, perhaps even self-driving flying cars in the near future, VR…  AR… don’t blink.

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