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Jan 19 2023

Asus 4090 Tuf Gaming OC unboxing and first impressions

Oct 12 2022

4090 launch day!

I’m currently EVERYWHERE trying to learn as much as I can about the various AIB partner boards because AMD wouldn’t allow performance numbers or overall reviews to go up for AIB partner cards until the day of release (very annoying to those of us who want to know what they’re buying before they buy it on launch day… I hate embargos). Fun times.

For real time info, check out Falcodrin's twitch stream (which is up pretty much all the time tracking what vendors have what models of GPUs and CPUs and has up-to-the-minute launch/queue notifications.

I’m currently considering the Asus 4090 Strix (which is entirely too large) and the Asus 4090 Tuf because the Asus cards have an extra hdmi port, are of generally known high quality, and because all the AIB partners cards seem to be able to reach a 600w power target out of the box. (at least that’s what I’ve heard) It’ll still be about a month before we see any water blocks for any of the 4090 cards though so I may just hold off for a little while (another week or so) until I can watch and read more reviews.

Stay tuned!

Jul 9 2021

HiFiMan Sundara?

I’ve come to really love my Sennheiser hd 6xx headphones over the past few months and have used them pretty much every day since they came into my life, but they aren’t perfect. they lack sound stage (they have a really intimate sound like the band is playing directly into your ears rather than in the room you’re in) and they tend to be a bit warmer / vailed than I feel they could be putting an emphasis on the lower mids/upper bass. I’ve been told again and again and again that I should try out the HiFiMan Sundara headphones, that they are drastically different/better from the somewhat lower end headphones (like the 4xx, 5xx that I own and are drastically better than the he 560 v4’s that I bought on sale for similar money to the Sundara that I didn’t enjoy and will be reselling soon) so I finally decided to bite the bullet and pick up a set of Sundaras from amazon (figuring I have a month to audition them and i can straight up return them if they don’t please me, and also I have a few hundred dollars in negative balance on my amazon visa at the moment from returns that I recently made, as well as getting 5% cash back for the purchase *shrug*) I look forward to doing some a/b testing in the near future, and i’ll probably do an unboxing and hardware comparison as well.. #audiophile #ExpensiveHobbies #FirstWorldProblems

Nov 15 2020

Cpgeek updates

Facebook just reminded me to reach out with updates, so here I am! (There will be a more complete video update in the next few weeks). So what have I been up to? I’ve had multiple open quests.
  • My day Job has had be doing lots of professional live streaming
  • My desk chair recently died and I’ve been researching a replacement
  • My NAS got a rebuild in a different case and had some issues recently leading to some required maintenance
  • I began research for a phone video I’d like to shoot
  • I purchased a new panasonic g7 camera to put in my prompter (thus freeing my panasonc g85 which has the same sensor but more features, so I can use it as a handheld camera again)
  • Bought a cheap camlink competitor (1080p 30, but very inexpensive and seems to work decently, review on that to come)
  • I purchased an application called touchportal which is a less expensive and imho better competitor that turns any ios or android device into a fully customizable streamdeck
  • I’ve been rethinking my digital dashboard project
  • working on some Christmas presents for my family
  • messing with my valve index preparing for a review, got a cr6-se 3d printer (that I’m still a little suspect about, more on that later)
  • will soon be rebuilding the virtual server that runs (mostly due to the fact that Ubuntu no longer supports 32 bit applications and I was using the 32 bit version on a virtual machine to try to save memory and space as it’s got fewer than 4gb of ram allocated)
  • amazon associates payouts seem to be getting worse and worse so I’ve been updating @cpgeekdeals less and less but still throw some stuff up there if I find something particularly good.
  • I’ve been attempting to upgrade some of my computer components but having a devil of a time getting resellers to sell them to me (more on that later)
I’ve got some holiday time that I’m taking soon so I’m hoping to get some recording time in for some additional youtube content (which I’ll be reposing here) explaining some of this stuff soon. so stay tuned.
Jul 22 2019

@CpgeekDeals on twitter!

For the past week or so I’ve been doing some research into tech deals and where to find them, how to suss them out, etc. and thought about how to get them out to my fellow geeks out there, and figured that twitter had a good following with integrated opportunity for sharing and conversation so last night I soft-launched @CpgeekDeals with a few awesome deals I was able to find, and will be updating every couple of days or so with more as I find them.  Please check it out and follow if you’re interested in saving some cash on some of the latest and greatest tech gear and services!  Tell your friends!