Jul 9 2021

HiFiMan Sundara?

I’ve come to really love my Sennheiser hd 6xx headphones over the past few months and have used them pretty much every day since they came into my life, but they aren’t perfect. they lack sound stage (they have a really intimate sound like the band is playing directly into your ears rather than in the room you’re in) and they tend to be a bit warmer / vailed than I feel they could be putting an emphasis on the lower mids/upper bass. I’ve been told again and again and again that I should try out the HiFiMan Sundara headphones, that they are drastically different/better from the somewhat lower end headphones (like the 4xx, 5xx that I own and are drastically better than the he 560 v4’s that I bought on sale for similar money to the Sundara that I didn’t enjoy and will be reselling soon) so I finally decided to bite the bullet and pick up a set of Sundaras from amazon (figuring I have a month to audition them and i can straight up return them if they don’t please me, and also I have a few hundred dollars in negative balance on my amazon visa at the moment from returns that I recently made, as well as getting 5% cash back for the purchase *shrug*) I look forward to doing some a/b testing in the near future, and i’ll probably do an unboxing and hardware comparison as well.. #audiophile #ExpensiveHobbies #FirstWorldProblems

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