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May 12 2008


I need to investigate advertising agencies to see if i can monetize some of the site bandwidth… running a site is expensive

May 12 2008


I’d like to get some kind of gallery software on here so I can show off some of my work, maybe even make it user uploadable… i have to think about that one though…

probably just be like a portfolio or showcase, similar to what loneshepherd has going on.

May 12 2008

make todo list a forum

when the forums are up and running, i’d like to move this to there so that moderators can suggest ideas. an idea / feedback forum would be great!

May 12 2008


I’d like to implement some kind of forum system that contains 4 user modes, logged out (can only read), user (can read and write to most forums) moderator (can read and write to all forums, can move, lock, or remove other user’s posts), administrative (can do anything the software allows, including setting up new forums, allocating permissions, etc.).