Mar 19 2017

Workstation class Ryzen?

So it appears that I am not the only one with wishes for a “workstation class” Ryzen part aimed at content creators, 3D animators, and the like… Many sources are now reporting the possibility of AMD releasing a 16 core 32 thread CPU for somewhere in the <$1000 market space on a new NON-AM4 platform with quad channel DDR4 memory that supposedly solved many of the inter-CCX cache latency problems. as well. The rumor says that it should be out around the same time as Computex. While this is still deep in rumor territory, It certainly has me excited as a 16 core Ryzen *should* perform better than a currently available dual 8 core Xeon rig for DRASTICALLY less expensive. It’s no single-CPU 32 core Naples box, but honestly, I think a 16 core Ryzen workstation would be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to the content creation market, and I imagine AMD can build them at substantially less expensively than the Naples parts as well, allowing lowly nerds like me the possibility of affording one.

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