Oct 18 2017

LastPass for super fast Firefox 57 beta!

I have been attempting to do a full immersion test of Firefox 57 which is currently in beta.  Firefox 57 brings with it an enhanced multithreaded css layout system which dramatically improves page load times and general responsiveness. (as well as a nice new ui upgrade and using less ram) In many third party tests this has put Firefox 57’s page load times ahead of even google chrome which has notoriously been the fastest browser for most of the web for some time now.  I have been using it in parallel with Opera (my current browser of choice as it’s just about as fast as Chrome, uses most of the same add-ins, but has additional features such as integrated compiled-in ad blocker that takes abp config files and an easy to use, free, integrated vpn) largely because there wasn’t a version of LastPass that would work with Firefox 57 due to LastPass (an excellent password manager that securely stores your credentials in the cloud and helps you create new complex passwords that you don’t have to remember as it fills them in for you), not having an extension ready that works with the webextension framework that Firefox introduced last year (and clearly said at that time they would be discontinuing support for the old extension system upon this new release) creating a large base of temporarily angry paying LastPass users for several weeks now.  Thankfully the wait for a beta is now over and I can put all other browsers aside and give it the big real-world test and see what works, what doesn’t, and overall how “good” it is.  Stay tuned!

And if you’re not using a password manager, you really should be, LastPass is free (or extremely inexpensive if you want to use it across multiple platforms such as desktop and mobile), and available on all platforms (windows, mac, linux, ios, android), go grab it now!

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