Dec 23 2013

Nerdcore Hip-hop: an Introduction

Nerdcore Hip-hop: an Introduction
C/O Midnight Giggler

Nerdcore Hip-hop: Making it ok to use cleverness, large words, and technical jargon with flow to talk about life.

All of these tracks are awesome, and there’s so much more… Please note that this is by absolutely no means a complete list of good nerdcore hip-hop songs, simply a selection to get you started on your way toward exploration. artists and songs are in no particular order, please feel free to slide around and find something you like.

MC Frontalot:

It’s Pitch Dark

Charisma Potion

Tongue-Clucking Grammarian

Secrets From the Future

Nerdcore Rising

Bizarro Genius Baby

Hassle The Dorkening

Final Boss

Pr0n Song

WARNING: Not Safe For Work!

Yellow Lasers

WARNING: Not Safe For Work


I’ll Form The Head

Jacquelyn Hyde

Your Friend Wil (Wheaton’s law!)

Spoiler Alert

WARNING: this song contains *many* spoilers so if you haven’t consumed the following media or are farmiliar with the situations, I strongly recommend against listening to this otherwise awesome song:
Psycho, The Crying Game, shaggy dog, planet of the apes, star wars, fight club, the sixth sense, harry potter and the half-blood prince, Murder on the orient express, watchmen, Blade Runner, Bambi, The Neverending Story, Old Yeller, The Lion King, King Kong, medea, Titanic, Moby Dick, Alice in Wonderland, The Holy Bible, the year 2000, the 80’s, space shuttle challenger, trickle-down economics, the french revolution, the kennedy family, airplane crashes, John Lennon, Rome, CSI: Miami, Peanut Brittle Snakes, jack in the box, Peek-a-boo
Lab Rats:


Soul Gravity


nerdcore for life

game store girl

Table Top

Nerdcore Now

Tub of Tobasco (live)



Optimus Rhyme:

Ping Pong Song



Real Estate

MC Chris:

Fett’s Vette

MC Lars:

Hey there Ophelia (modern hamlet retelling)

True Player for real

This Gigantic Robot Kills



MC Hawking:

What We Need More Of Is Science

E=MC Hawking



All My Shootings Be Drive By’s


Breakfast Club


check out these 2 documentaries if you’re interested:

Nerdcore Rising

Nerdcore For Life

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