May 12 2011 back online! (vmware server on ubuntu 11.04 at fault)

Hello everybody (the whole 1-2 users who actually take a look at my site every once in a blue moon)! I apologize for the recent outage.

Upon upgrading to the new Ubuntu 11.04 distribution, VMware Server (which is the main operating platform for my web and database servers), refused to compile the kernel modules necessary for loading virtual machines, and thus, the web and database servers couldn’t be booted. After about 2 weeks worth of research, I discovered others were having similar problems and there is now a clear solution to this particular problem (located here if anybody is having similar difficulties).

And now we’re back!

With any luck, the next long batch of downtime will be for the conversion of this site to wordpress (with articles intact hopefully)… Stay tuned for additional information on that.

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