Feb 7 2010

Video Podcast?

As many of you know, I have been investigating doing a video podcast here for quite some time now, but have yet to get around to sitting down, coming up with some reasonable content to share, shooting, editing, and actually getting it done. it’s not like the task of getting it done is terribly difficult, I’ve just been pretty short on time and content as of late and also I would like to start off with a camera a little nicer than the iSight integrated webcam in my macbook pro. I just picked up a GFM DV-150 on woot for $30 last week which has pretty good low light shooting but is only 640×480 and has pretty low optical quality. I was hoping that I could start shooting with THAT, but it just feels too poor quality to make my viewers watch that… I’m thinking about perhaps picking up a used Kodak zi6, or perhaps looking at a real “camcorder” shaped camera that should provide things like optical zoom, image stabilization, variable focus, etc. but my price range is less than $100… if anybody has any suggestions for a camera, any content ideas for the show (what do you want to see, what kinds of questions do you have?), please hit the reply button now!

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