Oct 21 2010

Vuzix new augmented reality glasses


now why can’t someone come out with a socially acceptable version of something like this that i can wear to work without looking like a borg? also i think that it would take a fair bit of computer power to realize the potential of such glasses… the ultimate goal for me would be something akin to the gui presented in iron man.

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if the glasses know their absolute position in the room plus have access to the accelerometer data from the 6dof integrated tracker, you should be able to write an application that can place whatever 3d imagery on top of/composited with the view from actual reality. imagine instead of looking at a monitor with a video chat, you could see the full person, apparently standing in the room with you… or a virtual computer terminal that you could call up by putting your fingers in view of the camera and drawing a box in the air to define the corners of the vid window, perhaps using voice commands to call up a movie to watch… you could specify that the window follow you at a certain distance, or specify that it remain suspended in the same place in mid air (to your perception)… it’s the first step in holography… nothing solid of course as it’s a visual effect, but this could definitely be taken a long way for 3d design prototyping, new types of video games, or really everything you do with a computer now… it’s a really cool concept…

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