Nov 25 2008

Today’s Cool Stuff!

Today, I was browsing digg at work as it’s fairly slow with it being holiday break on campus and I noticed this really cool manufacturer of Google Android phones, ZZZPhone. Aparantly, they make CUSTOM PHONES. Yes. That’s right. Custom phones, configurable with some particularly outlandish features from particularly high megapixel digital cameras (5mp, 7mp, or no camera), to qwerty keyboard, to integrated projector… yes, integrated projector… idk about you, but i’ve never even thought of a projector as something i’d want in a phone… but it sure would be sweet… R2D2 Style 😉 yeah, i’d probably set it to play back the “help me obi-wan” loop until it was burned into the projector, but it’s sweet. other strange options include 2 sim cards, allowing 2 phone numbers, or even 2 completely separate networks if you wanted. tv tuner (like OTA analog tuner), front-mounted vga camera (for video chats over 3g!). it uses a modular slideable interface for the full qwerty keyboard, projector, “boom box” (powered speakers), and a high power spotlight/flashlight that is also a large battery pack for the phone. overall it’s just a really cool concept… even the people at CrunchGear and Gizmodo think so as well.

in other news, I’d just like to give honorable mension to some downloads for the apple platform:

Stainless a very alpha web browser based upon chromium (which is what Google Chrome uses to

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