Oct 11 2016

On the new Google Pixel and Pixel XL #Rant

How card can it be!? build me a phone with stock android, 6″ 1440p amoled display, stereo front-facing speakers, decent camera and fingerprint reader on the back, qi charging, 3400mah or so battery, microusb with quickcharge (no need for a new standard), bluetooth, ac wifi, 4-8 core 2.2+ghz cpu, 4+gb ram, a decent DAC, waterproof, and overall good reception, then support it by giving factory and OTA updates for at least 2-4 years as soon as the OS is released (not 6 months later)… and make it OPEN so you can easily modify the system software… the nexus 6 and 6p did most of this right, and now google is abandoning that recipe altogether for something MORE expensive and LESS functional!?

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