Oct 20 2014

Nexus Storage Woes

Dear nexus 6 designers,

If you’re going to include 4k video support, people are going to need more than 64gb of storage. With h.264 high encoding, that’s about 350MB/min Then, assuming that the OS and other apps you have installed take up about 4gb, (Which is conservative if you want to use other apps as well), then on a 64gb device, you’re left with 60gb of actual storage (round numbers), which means you’ll get less than 3 hours of record time (assuming you don’t do much else in terms of storage)… that’s horrible.

There are 2 ways to solve this. removable storage (micro sd cards are just fine so long as you get reasonably fast ones), or more in line with the Nexus design philosophy, include a 128gb option! – People WILL buy it, charge another $60ish, give us the 128gb model, and be done. 6 hours of video recording is enough for most folks I’d think. then the only problem you have to solve is how quickly you can transfer it to the computer, but with 802.11ac and usb3 things should be just fine if the flash is fast enough… get on that, Motorola!

P.S. While you’re at it, stop making carrier locks and boot loader locks an option to big cellular (but that’s a harder battle).

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