Oct 28 2009


Hello readers! (or lack thereof due to my incredibly inconsistant posting of randomness that i suppose most people wouldn’t, and perhaps in many cases shouldn’t care about)

I apologize for updating so infrequently, but it seems that most of my blogging, random news, etc. has more or less moved to Facebook to be observed by my reasonably tight-knit (comparably to the internet anyhow).

so, what’s going on with me? (read on!)

well, last weekend I had a couple of events. I went to an international beer night party (IBN) at a couple of good friend’s place, where I got to hang out with a bunch of friends that I seldom see. the hosts recently had a baby that i met for the first time there. she’s incredibly cute! spent much of the party hanging out with a young woman I met there, hopefully she’ll see reason to contact me at some point and resume our dialog. Overall, IBN was a pretty big hit, but I wish i could have stayed longer. The friends I came with had to leave as they had to get up particularly early for work the following morning.

The next day, Saturday, I went to a Mini-LAN Party at my friend, Scythik’s place, where we had a blast playing computer games against one another breaking only for pizza, bathroom breaks, breakfast, and the occasional short burst of sleep. Great fun was had by all, and thusly, it was a great success!

just to see who’s out there in internet land, anybody who is reading this, please leave a comment.

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