Dec 21 2015

Long Pause – NOT Abandonment!

No, I have not abandoned this project!  It has, however, been a very long time since I posted last.  Between marriage, 2 children, and a reasonably demanding professional career that takes quite a bit of my creative energies, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to create content for this site, which I’m incredibly saddened about (not that I get much feedback here, but I do enjoy putting myself out there…).

between my last post (which was made while on vacation with a bunch of awesome people in Vermont), and now (the first day of my week-long holiday-season vacation), I have learned quite a bit about Audio/Video production (a skillset that I haven’t used “professionally” since my high school days some 15 or so years ago) with plans to switch out some of my still camera gear for a newer DSLR body and some more video-oriented gear and the acquisition of some audio gear, as well as making some additional space in my house to have a mostly separate technology/AV lab (I moved my gear out of a cramped bedroom and into a mostly dedicated room) look for more podcast-y style posts in the near future.

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