May 7 2008 back online

Hi everybody! Welcome back to my site!

As you are no doubt already aware just by looking around, is currently going through a massive web renovation. I’m currently in the process of going from a pure html/php site that has been hand managed to a content management system known as Drupal. As I get more familiar with this new CMS software, more features and whatnot will be added.

My current aim as for a direction of this site is to turn it into a technical community with a bit of a different feel from some of the others i’ve frequented… a bit more laid back and open to slightly more wild and outlandish ideas, as well as a place to post personal info, follow my personal networks, and many other features that i haven’t set up yet.

As you see, things aren’t NEARLY feature-complete as of yet. there are only a few things to look at here (just a wee bit more than what i had on the old site, which admittedly sucked), I haven’t even put a proper theme on this as of the date of this writing. It’s going to take a lot of work, but I’m sure I’ll get it done within the next few weeks.

Special thanks to the #drupal-support freenode irc team, especially YesCT for the quick drupal tutorial

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