Feb 5 2011

Congratulations to the OKCupid mobile development team for their release of the completely redesigned OKCupid iPhone app!

The OKCupid mobile app team have completely outdone themselves with a complete rewrite of an app that was already quite good. The redesign includes a much more user-friendly interface that displays all the same information in a much more easily navigated format, especially for users of smaller touch devices like the iPhone, while also improving the interface responsiveness by leaps and bounds. I have seen very few iPhone social apps with this level of polish and I really hope they keep up the good work over there at OKCupid. (read more for details!)

OKCupid is an online matchmaking service (for finding friends, romance, other) that uses a sophisticated matching system based on the questions that you choose to answer and compares the answers to other users of the site based upon how important you deem each question to be. And unlike other sites (who typically use far less sophisticated matching sytems), OKCupid is completely free to use. There is a “pro” version that allows more stringent metadata searching, but their primary business model is built from unobtrusive advertising they show on their site. So once you’ve created a profile, and answered a few of the match questions, all you have to do is search for a match based upon your metadata preferences, and go ahead and send them an OKCupid message, or if you prefer, sit back and wait for someone to find your profile and contact you. They also don’t charge for, limit, or censor any user to user correspondence (so if you want to send a personal e-mail address, phone number, etc. personal info to someone, that’s completely ok, unlike many other sites)

Now if only we could encourage some more young ladies in my target demographic (open-minded geek/nerd/hacker women 21-30 fyi) to join up and start answering match questions, imho the service would be perfect!

The OKCupid web site can be found at www.okcupid.com and the official page about the brand new iPhone version that I’m raving about can be found right here!

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