Dec 9 2016

Changing luck

Thankfully I have much better things to report this time around. My workstation is now back online. It’s got a new motherboard that I bought from a friend, and a power supply that I’m borrowing for a while until I can find a new one that’ll work for me, and I even put the money I’d been saving for the complete replacement of my rig into a new GPU which is pretty epic. I’ll have a bit more on that later.

As far as AV stuff, I’ve begun doing some video testing again, gearing up for a couple of videos to be released soon. The quality isn’t nearly as high as I’d like it to be, but I figure the time has come where I should have at least SOMETHING to start building a presence, and I can give production value some spit and polish as I push through the creative process.

I’ve also been putting off a major rebuild of this web server for quite some time as well, and I’m hoping to get that at least started over this coming weekend. At least there is progress moving forward with projects again! Woot!

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