Nov 13 2009


I wanted to talk about an AWESOME SITE I heard about on TekZilla (a cool IPTV show having to do with everything tech). It’s called AlternativeTo and it’s primary purpose is to find good, viable, alternatives to popular applications, both free and non-free across multiple operating systems. For example, if I were looking for a less expensive, lighter weight photo program than photoshop for personal use, I would go to the AlternativeTo web site, select my operating system (at this moment, Mac OS X), click in the search bar at the top of the site, enter “photoshop”, and then click on “Adobe Photoshop” in the list of apps with that keyword. from there it lists a whole slew of alternatives from the free, open-source GIMP, to the proprietary but beautifully designed pixelmator. AlternativeTo is GREAT for those times where you’re using a piece of software and think “i wish there was another piece of software that did this, but might be better suited to my needs”… I encourage everybody to check it out!

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