Aug 4 2008

iPhone / Vacation

I got back from my vacation to VT last weekend – I finally got an iPhone!

I executed my plans to go to the VT brewer’s festival this year with a bunch of friends and it was great! VIP tickets means all you can drink beers of as many different varieties as you can possibly think of (and some you never would) and all you can eat food as well (they had sushi, pulled bbq pork, and these wonderful little roast beef sandos that were amazing!) there was chocolate and beer pairings, pizza and beer pairings and whatnot, etc. and it was all great. I hope that my friends and I can put together a similar trip next year… VIP tix are a must and they aren’t that expensive.

then we went to the vacation house that we usually rent every year in Killington, VT and played video games, drank more beer, hung out in the hot tub, and went out for the beer and wing happy hour at Casey’s Caboose on a regular basis as well (the people who work there know us and are awesome). it was great!

right before (like the day we left, with a car full of stuff) I went down to the west farms mall apple store and picked up a 16GB iPhone 3G (white in case you were wondering) and it’s great too. software is a little buggy (apps crash from time to time, but there’s an OS update soon that should hopefully take care of that). I’ve already gotten it properly jailbroken so i can run third party software including terminal, the BSD utilities, and a slew of other third party apps that add a fair share of functionality that you’re NEVER gonna find at the app store.

Special thanks to idbeholda who was the only person to donate to my iPhone cause and Liz for taking us the special trip for which my iphone was a result.

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