Sep 28 2011

Firefox gets MAJOR under-the-hood upgrade

Firefox Logo

Firefox 4 was just released, and what it lacks for feature and ui upgrades, it MORE than makes up for in optimization. Firefox has notoriously been a major memory hog, especially when loading up many tabs containing various media types and javascript and such. this just changed.

with huge performance improvements, and in my (not very scientific) test, which included looking at how much memory was being taken up by the previous version on my desktop with my 40 some tabs that I already had open (was about 5gb), killed firefox, upgraded to 7, and restored the preveous sessions, waited a a minute for the tabs to load, and took another look… this time it was only using up about 1.5gb o_O

I’m particularly impressed with this new version… looks the same, works so much faster.

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